Ascending from the tall pines…

…of the Pacific Northwest, Prospero provides a vast array of tailored services to local, national and global organizations. Specialized in creating incentive programs that recognize and reward performance in addition to conference planning, communication campaigns and event production, the Prospero team excels at exceeding expectations and delivering client-specific solutions. By fostering opportunities for engagement, immense value emerges through enhanced messaging techniques, collaborative sharing and the power of human connection.

Why Prospero?

To prosper connotes profit or gain, both individually and on an organizational level. Prospero’s primary intent is to deliver corporate initiatives that directly enhance profits by crafting memorable, motivational experiences that modify behavior and deepen the bond amongst program participants. Beyond wealth, however, prosperity also involves ancillary aspects such as living a flourishing, well rounded life and richness of being. By rewarding associates for creating value rather than merely extracting gains, individuals attain social fulfillment and companies achieve greater objectives.


Prospero Team | Profile Pic

Prospero’s leadership team consists of the father/daughter duo of Douglas and Caitlin Huppe. This complimentary tandem offers Prospero client’s an ideal blend of seasoned, operational experience, hospitality expertise and marketing acumen. Highly adept at both envisioning and executing stellar events while creating innovative solutions, the Prospero approach offers client-partners exceedingly intimate service and complete accountability throughout any campaign. As opposed to dealing with a corporation, a family business brings many advantages and a level of trust beyond compare.

Douglas Huppe | Profile Pic

Douglas Huppe

President + CEO

Douglas brings in excess of twenty-six years experience in the realm of marketing, operations, conference planning and travel expertise. Immensely skilled in business management and large scale event production, he works extensively with CEO’s and Senior Executives of prominent national & international companies to deliver world class events. His expansive background covers many fronts including a Director of Marketing stint with a large travel management company, a nine year Senior Management role with a prominent national finance firm and a fourteen year tenure as founding owner/operator of a successful meeting & incentive organization.

With the launch of Prospero, Douglas seeks to augment existing partner relationships while cultivating new initiatives for firms seeking to spur growth and foster meaningful client relationships. With a global arsenal of suppliers ready to be beckoned, his creative penchant parlays best in spearheading incentive programs, conferences and associate recognition efforts. Douglas provides unrivaled resourcefulness, drive and leadership to any organization seeking to enhance its profile, deliver exquisite events and bolster the bottom line.

Caitlin Huppe | Profile Pic

Caitlin Huppe

Director of Marketing + Events

Caitlin graduated from Wittenberg University Magna Cum Laude with a BA in English Literature. After a stint at NYU focused on Publishing and Communications, she found herself in the hospitality world working on the front lines of the acclaimed 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. After three years honing the art of luxury hospitality service, Caitlin delved into Marketing, Branding and Public Relations for 21c Museum Hotels. Following her six-year tenure working for the award-winning hotel group, Caitlin is excited to bring expertise in branding and communications to Prospero, merging this experience with a great fervor for travel and a life-long passion to bring impeccable hospitality experiences to her clients.

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